Alain Bouissou The Art of building 1/43 Dreams

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The Art of building 1/43 Dreams

ClockMaster Bouissou
the 1/43 Bugatti Mozart
Highest possible Quality

20 years
Quality Symphony Emotion

Bugatti by Bouissou

Few names can boast the privilege to be Exceptional.

Very few models marques in the world, of all the hundreds existing, manage to achieve world fame and fewer or almost none are worthy of recognition and praise from the public at World level as a characterising Name for a wide range of models.
Among these rare exceptions shine the names of Alain Bouissou and  whose fame and impact on the public universally evoke, on one hand the reconized top quality, and on the other the constant search for the original details respect, the continuous perfectioning of a refined and always task, uncompromising, the exclusive, unique, maniacal sense of precision and quality that resists through time and has culminated in attracting the best clients in the world.

This is an additional element of the success of a name, the quality of the clients that reinforce the image, being the quality of a name indissolubly linked to the quality of the client.

Today I would like use the great Web communication opportunity to thanks my clients over the world for their satisfaction and fidelity.
Alain Bouissou
Vive la Marque!

Alain began his models builder career with motorcycles.
Discovering Bugatti by the Jacques Borgé Nicolas Viasnoff book titled La Bugatti 300 histoires 150 photos, captivated by the quality level he decided Bugatti was what he had to built.

His first realization born end 1980, Bugatti T.32 1923.
The model was simple, no open bonnet, a minimum details due the lack of documentation but the talent was there.
70 models were made and sold for 150 Fr

Mr Alain Bouissou
M Alain Bouissou
a WorldWide established Reputation

Today considered as the
Finest Bugatti
1/43 World builder

700 models sold

1/10 mm distinctness

120 building hours
for matchless detailled models

Finish Quality

a Must Have

a Bouissou is allways
a Collection Crown


Don't hesite to ask informations about my models, the list of available models and delivery.
Personalized building offered, could be the exact replica of your 1/1 Bugatti.
I can make all types of Bugatti T.35, T.35 B, T.37, T.51

Alain Bouissou  4 place Georges Thill 31100 Toulouse France 
Tel.05 61 07 76 91